Career Outfitters: Are you ready for spring career fairs?

Career Outfitters scheduled for Feb. 1

Students at Career Outfitters

Image of students at Career Outfitters
Students shopping at Career Outfitters

From: Career and Professional Development

Do you have appropriate clothes to attend a career fair, a networking event, or a job interview? If not, plan to come to Smith Career Center, 870 Washington St., SW, to attend Career and Professional Development’s Career Outfitters event, Friday, Feb. 1, from 10 a.m. until 3 p.m. to “shop" for professional clothing.

There will be men's and women's clothing items, including suits, separates, shoes, and accessories. Styles, sizes, and colors are based on current donation items. Each student can select a complete outfit free of charge. Staff members are available to answer questions about fit and color, as well as to share tips on making a great first impression.

 It's time to #SuitUpHokies!

For more information contact Career and Professional Development
at 540-231-6241.