Dean of Students Office initiates 'While You're Out' program

From: Dean of Students Office

While You’re Out initiative is a new program facilitated by the Dean of Students Office (DOS) to allow Student Affairs educators to offer high impact in-class programming at the request of faculty and instructors in lieu of cancelling class. Topics will range from exploring personal strengths to navigating conflict with civil discourse.

Requests can be submitted by any faculty or instructor for an in-class program at the Blacksburg campus. Requests from other campuses can be fulfilled via electronic media (Zoom, Skype, etc.). DOS will receive the request and based on the preference indicated by the requestor, assign a facilitator to deliver the program. Facilitators will be responsible for working with the requestor to coordinate the date and time for the program. Requesters should make requests at least three weeks in advance to ensure availability for the program facilitator. 

DOS invites inquiries from all faculty and instructors and we encourage you to consider this as an alternative to cancelling class. Please contact us at: for more information. Programs can be offered in-class at any point throughout the fall or spring semesters.

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