Research recruitment for exploring sensory properties of berries

From: Food Science & Technology

WHAT: A study on sensory lexicon development of berries (IRB 20-024). Procedures: You will taste and smell different berries to develop descriptive sensory terms.

WHEN: Starting March 2020 to October 2020. For this study, there will be several “session blocks” to participate in. One session block equates to 4 days total (1-2 hours/day commitment). You can participate in as many session blocks as you desire.

WHERE: HABB1 Building, Rm 205 (Corner of Duck Pond Drive and Washington Street. Parking passes are available upon request.)

WHAT WE GET: The purpose of this study is to evaluate sensory properties of berries from different growing regions. This is a Virginia Tech research study, and the results may be published.  

WHAT YOU GET: You can enjoy snacks and refreshments after each day. When you complete a full session block, you will receive an Amazon gift card for your time and effort. 

ELIGIBILITY: You must be 18 years or older, not allergic to berries, and be available for the full session block.


CONTACT: For more information, contact Dr. Katherine Phetxumphou ( This study is supervised by Dr. Jacob Lahne (