Call for graduate student and faculty mentor award nominations

From: Graduate School

The Graduate School invites nominations for a number of graduate student awards to recognize students in the areas of teaching, research and service. Winners will be honored at the annual Graduate Education Week awards banquet to take place on March 26 in the Graduate Life Center. Nominations must be submitted to the Graduate School by Jan. 31, 2020 for the following awards: 

- Outstanding dissertation award in two categories (STEM and Social Science, Business, Education & Humanities); one nomination per department.

- William Preston Society Master’s Thesis Award in three categories (STEM, SSBEH, and Digital Scholarship); one nomination per category per department.

- Graduate Student Teaching Excellence Award in two categories (GTA Instructor of Record and GTA Assistant); one nomination per category per department.

- Graduate Student Service Excellence Award; one nomination per department.

- Graduate Student of the Year Award; one nomination per department.

In addition to these awards, the Graduate School recognizes two students and one faculty member from each college, selected by the college for the following awards: 

- outstanding master’s student

- outstanding doctoral student, and 

- outstanding mentor  

Each college sets its own nomination guidelines for these awards and colleges must submit to the Graduate School notification of their selection by Feb. 14, 2020. 

Learn more about each award, nomination criteria and process at

If you have any questions, please contact Sue Kass at 231-4558,