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Updates to authorized closing and telework policies

From: Human Resources

Currently, about 50 percent of Virginia Tech’s workforce is teleworking due to the impact of the pandemic; however, the shift to telework is becoming a more common way to work – not just at Virginia Tech but in organizations everywhere. To accommodate current work practices, two university policies have been updated. Following is a summary of the changes:

Policy 4305: Authorized Closings Leave and Compensation Policy:

The university has identified three employee types and updated policies around how compensatory time is allotted during an authorized closing:

  • "Emergency personnel” are employees who are required to report to work during an authorized closing and will continue to receive compensatory leave.
  • "Non-emergency personnel” are employees who typically perform their duties at the employer’s central workplace. During an authorized closing event, these employees are not required to work if their workplace is closed; they will continue to receive compensatory leave during an authorized closing.
  • “Non-emergency personnel who telework on authorized telework arrangements” are expected to continue working remotely, following their normal schedule, during an authorized closing and will not receive compensatory leave.

Policy 4325: Alternate Work Site and Telework Policy:

  • Policy language was updated to better define employees who telework during authorized closings.
  • The definition of telework was clarified by removing the limits around days and hours that an employee can telework that were included in the previous policy.

Both policies have been updated and are available on the policies website.

For questions about these policy changes, please contact your college or department HR representative.