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2021 campus climate survey launches April 13

From: Human Resources

The university will launch our 2021 employee climate survey on April 13.

Through a cross-functional committee of survey and assessment experts from Human Resources, Student Affairs, the Graduate School, Office for Inclusion and Diversity, Office of the Executive Vice President and Provost, and Office of Analytics and Institutional Effectiveness, we have created one survey that employees across all Virginia Tech locations will be able to take.

The information collected through this survey will:

  • Help us understand the perceptions of employees as it relates to university climate, including diversity, inclusion, leadership, work environment, and job satisfaction.
  • Lead to a better understanding of the campus experience for different groups of people and across locations.
  • Enable us to develop strategies and make informed decisions that inspire positive change in our campus climate over time.
  • Help us understand the level of employee engagement and perceptions of COVID-19.

On April 13, all employees with a Virginia Tech email account will receive an email from The email will contain a link to the survey, which will take approximately 10 minutes to complete. Information will be provided to supervisors and managers for employees who have limited access to computers.

The link is personalized to each employee and should not be forwarded to others. While the survey has been pre-populated with some organizational information to ensure accurate reporting, as with previous climate surveys, responses are confidential.  Individual data is not shared, only to aggregate data. In addition, categories must have a minimum of 10 responses to be shared collectively.

Every response matters. This is a great opportunity for employees to take this opportunity to share their perceptions and valuable feedback about their Virginia Tech experience.