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Visit Talent Development’s Virtual Learning Center

From: Human Resources

The Talent Development team launched the Virtual Learning Center just over one year ago on March 30, 2020.

Over the past year, more than 4,300 individuals visited the center and accessed the 52 courses curated by the Talent Development team.

Content recommended by the center during its inaugural year featured nine out of 10 of the top skills accessed through LinkedIn Learning Courses, including personal development, career management, Microsoft Excel, data analysis, communication, leadership, teamwork, time management, and data visualization.

The Talent Development team plans to provide more enriched content to aid Virginia Tech community members on their professional development journey. The team has redesigned the center and features a new category for micro-learning, which includes learning activities curated to fit into anyone’s schedule. The center can be accessed at any time.

New pages have been added for the learning, leading, and working categories, as well as a professional development perspectives area that features content from guest collaborators in the Virginia Tech community.

This quarter provides tips for building self-confidence, rocking an interview, leading at a distance, using a strengths-based approach for maximum team potential, organizing a remote office space for maximum productivity, how to influence others, and more.

Visit Talent Development’s website to learn about other development programs and resources that the team offers such as Fast Track for New Supervisors and On Topic. To access multiple learning venues for professional development on campus, including the PageUp Learning Management System, visit

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