Four days left to give: CVC ends Friday, Dec. 14

From: Commonwealth of Virginia Campaign

Winter holidays are approaching quickly and so is the end of this year’s Commonwealth of Virginia Campaign (CVC). The campaign will end on Friday, Dec. 14, which means there are only four days left to donate.

We are extremely grateful for all of the donations given to the campaign so far, and the many charities who receive those donations are very thankful as well, especially during this cold winter weather. Each donation could mean a warm blanket or hot meal for someone in need.

The campaign has already made $319,000 this year, but we are still $56,000 under the university’s goal for 2018. We have surpassed our goals in previous years, and with only four days left, we are hoping to reach our goal again this year. However, we can only do it with your help, so we want to encourage every Hokie to make a contribution before the campaign’s end.

Making a donation is quick and easy. Employees can make donation through a one-time payroll deduction or a 24-pay period deduction. Donations can also be made through the campaign website. Cash and checks are also accepted, and pledge cards are available for people without online access. To encourage participation, people who donate will also be put into a lottery to win one of three special giveaway prizes. Additional details about the giveaway can be found here.

For more information about the campaign, please visit the CVC website.