Update for Virginia Tech employees: July 5 additional holiday time

From: Division of Human Resources

On May 13, Governor Ralph Northam announced additional holiday time would be granted to eligible state employees for July 5, 2019 in recognition of their hard work.

Virginia Tech leaders join the governor in thanking our university faculty and staff for another great year and for the work you do to support our students, each other, and our campus community.

For Virginia Tech, July 5 is the last day of Summer Session I. Due to our unique circumstances and in order to maintain our summer academic calendar, the university will not close on July 5.

Although we will not close, the university will grant eight hours of holiday time to all eligible faculty and staff. Subject to your manager’s approval, you may use this holiday time on July 5 or at another time.

In addition, university leadership is giving departments that do not directly support Summer Session I the latitude to close on July 5 as long as there is no impact to university operations. Unit leaders should work with their senior leader to make a determination about their department’s July 5th operations.

Specific information related to leave reporting will be available in the monthly notice from the Leave Team for the impacted period. In the meantime, if you have questions, please reach out to your department’s HR contact or the HR Service Center at hrservicecenter@vt.edu or 540-231-9331. For more information on the university’s holiday schedule, visit this page.