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PageUp Learning Management System sends emails to employees to complete training

From: Human Resources

The PageUp Learning Management System (LMS) launched Sept. 29. In its first phase, the PageUp LMS is facilitating the automated delivery of compliance training and completion tracking.

On Oct. 5, emails were sent to benefited employees regarding compliance training assignments in the PageUp LMS and the need to complete the required training.

Beginning Nov. 16, an additional set of emails will be sent to non-benefited employees and adjunct teaching faculty regarding compliance training assignments in the PageUp LMS and the need to complete the required training. Employees will receive the email from VT Training <>.

Required compliance training includes: 

  • Compliance: Title IX/Policy 1025/VAWA: This course discusses the university’s anti-discrimination policies and applicable state and federal civil rights laws. Visit the Office for Equity and Accessibility’s website or contact Henry Yampolsky at for more information. This course is required every two years. 
  • In January 2020, the Commonwealth of Virginia required the following two safety trainings be completed by all employees.
    • State of Virginia: Civilian Response to Active Shooter: This course is designed to improve the safety and survivability of victims of active attack and mass shooting events through the introduction of the Avoid, Deny, Defend (ADD) strategy. Employees must complete this training one time. For new Virginia Tech employees, this course is required at the start of state service.  
    • State of Virginia: Employee Safety and Disaster Awareness: This course is designed to improve employee preparedness for potential disasters. Employees will watch Virginia Department of Emergency Management's General All-Hazards Emergency Preparedness training videos. This course is required annually. 
    • For more information or questions about these safety trainings, contact Virginia Tech Emergency Management at or 540-231-4873.  

Employees can log into PageUp LMS to check their transcript or complete the training. Instructions can be found here on how to navigate through the system. 

For more information or questions, contact the HR Service Center at 540-231-9331 or