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Virginia Tech’s new learning platform launches Sept. 29

From: Human Resources

The PageUp Learning Management System (LMS) will launch next week, for employees, beginning with the new hire and annual compliance training courses. 

Following launch, the project team will continue to work with partners across campus to expand course options and training opportunities for employees. The PageUp LMS will continue to grow with the addition of events such as interactive face-to-face training, recommended articles and readings, engaging webinars and videos, and on-the-job development activities.   

To support Virginia Tech’s culture of continuous improvement, future enhancements to the easy-to-use learning platform will provide users a well-rounded experience by:

  • Recommending learning activities: PageUp LMS suggests individual learning activities tailored to a user.
  • Helping users take charge of their career development: Employees can add external career/work-related training, such as certifications or attended conferences, to their individual development plan. In addition, they can share their achievements with their supervisors. Individuals can also set annual renewal reminders for the added training.
  • Encouraging professional growth: Supervisors can suggest training for their direct reports’ development plan. Employees will receive notification when training is assigned.  

To learn more about the PageUp LMS, visit the project website.