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From the Office of the State Inspector General: Fraud, Waste, and Abuse Hotline

From: Human Resources

Please read the following message from the Office of the State Inspector General regarding the state’s fraud, waste, and abuse hotline. This message was originally distributed to all state employees on Jan. 23, 2020.

Dear Fellow State Employee:

As Commonwealth of Virginia employees, we are expected to maintain the highest level of ethics and principles in state government. If you have observed wrongdoing such as fraud, waste, abuse or corruption in a Virginia state agency, the Office of the State Inspector General (OSIG) wants to hear from you.

OSIG manages the State Fraud, Waste and Abuse Hotline (Hotline)— 800-723-1615 a toll-free number for state employees and Virginia citizens to report suspected situations of fraud, waste and abuse in executive branch state agencies, including institutions of higher education. Every call to the Hotline is completely anonymous, and Executive Order 52 prohibits retaliation against anyone who places a good faith call to the Hotline.

In addition to the Hotline, OSIG administers the Fraud and Abuse Whistle Blower Reward Fund (Whistle Blower Reward Fund), a program that offers protection and monetary rewards to Commonwealth employees and citizens who disclose information of wrongdoing or abuse that results in a recovery of at least $5,000. The reward is up to 10 percent of the actual sum recovered by the Commonwealth as a result of the claim. Those who file a claim under the Whistle Blower Reward Fund must provide contact information, and therefore are not guaranteed anonymity or confidentiality. Individuals who wish to remain anonymous may instead choose to report information to the Hotline.

To report an allegation to the Hotline or Whistle Blower Reward Fund, you may contact OSIG by:

For examples of fraud, waste, abuse and related information, you may review the Hotline fact sheet and take advantage of the Hotline Training Course. In addition, a Hotline flyer and Whistle Blower Reward Fund flyer are available to help promote awareness of these important state resources. We encourage you to post the flyers in and around your work area. All of these resources may be found here.

Thank you for your continued support of the Hotline and Whistle Blower Reward Fund. Together, we can help ensure Virginia state government protects its state resources and runs efficiently, effectively and ethically.

Michael C. Westfall, CPA
State Inspector General