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Pathways for professional development from HR Talent Development

From: Human Resources

HR Talent Development provides employees with continuous learning opportunities through online, on-demand, and web-based resources you can use to develop your knowledge, skills, and abilities that support continuous improvement. Take a look at some of the options:

PageUp LMS:

The new learning platform is a great tool to stay compliant with the university’s mandates and to discover learning activities that support career performance.

PageUp LMS’s Development Plan provides employees and supervisors with an opportunity to plan performance goals for the next year to five years. It is also a great source of conversation points to have continuous improvement conversations between employees and supervisors on a frequent basis. Use the Development Action Plan on Talent Development’s website to define the specific skills needed to improve performance in a current role and make a plan for future responsibilities at

  • Additional courses now found on PageUp LMS: HR Banner topics, New Department Head Finance Training, Fiscal Development and Certificate Program, Moving From Conflict to Collaboration During Challenging Times, and more. New content is being added continually so check back often.

'On Topic':

A quarterly flyer, "On Topic," provides relevant resources and meaningful learning opportunities to Virginia Tech's faculty and staff. Each flyer has campus resources, curated LinkedIn Learnings, videos, books, and suggestions for practice.  

This winter’s edition is focused on resilience. Understanding that we all experience setbacks, by implementing a few regular practices in our daily routines, we can overcome hurdles and be better at work and in everyday life. Find this information and other previous flyers at

Virtual Learning Center:

Talent Development created the VLC resource center for the transition to remote working, leading, and learning. The resource is highly regarded and has continued to offer significant learning opportunities with courses like Creating a Career Plan, Leadership Skills for the Future, Communicating Through Disagreement, and Digital Body Language. These courses and more can be found at

For more information or questions about these avenues developed by Talent Development, contact the HR Service Center at 540-231-9331 or