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COVID-19 UPDATE: Telework requests and other alternative work options

From: Hokie Wellness

As announced in the message from Vice President for Human Resources Bryan Garey published Sunday, March 15, faculty and staff are encouraged to explore alternative work options including telework, flexible schedules, and leave. Managers and unit leaders are encouraged to arrange for employees to work remotely, if this can be achieved while still allowing the university to accomplish its important missions.

While we acknowledge that not all jobs are able to be performed from another location, we encourage all managers and unit leaders to be as flexible as possible when working with employees. Alternative work options should be discussed at the unit level.

As a clarification and as it relates to telework agreements as a result of the impact of COVID-19, formal  agreements do not need to be completed. Telework arrangements due to COVID-19 impacts are viewed as temporary to accommodate unusual circumstances. Departments should document the temporary agreement for department files by memo or email that outlines work expectations, duration, and that this is a temporary modification to meet an employee's personal needs as a result of COVID-19.

If an employee requests to regularly work from home or alternative work location, an approved telework agreement is required.

If you have additional questions about alternate work options or telework agreements, please contact Hokie Wellness at  If any employee has any concerns about discrimination and harassment in violation of Policy 1025 please contact the Office for Equity and Accessibility at 540-231-2010.

NOTE: The guidance above will be updated should university operations change or public information guidelines are changed by the locality, state, or federal government.