From: Division of Information Technology

If you’re looking to improve the ways your team collaborates online, check out these videos, which provide an in-depth look at two of Virginia Tech’s online collaboration tool packages: Microsoft Teams / Office 365, and Google G Suite for Education. 

The videos, which are recordings of live online events hosted by Collaborative Computing Solutions (CCS) in July 2020, showcase tips and tricks that enable users to make the most of the capabilities offered by these tools. Even if you are familiar with the basics of Microsoft Teams, G Suite, or both, chances are you will learn a few new tactics from these videos to help you collaborate more effectively with your groups.

Microsoft’s VT Modern Collaboration Event

Learn how Microsoft representatives use their own tools (Office 365 and Microsoft Teams) to collaborate, and gain insight on how these tools can benefit your teams and/or classes when working together remotely. Approximately 2 hours. 

Google's VT Google Day

Learn how to use G Suite for Education to collaborate with colleagues and/or students. A Google representative demonstrates how G Suite apps can be used in combination and reviews best practices to get the most out of the available apps. In addition, Google provides an overview of their upcoming 2020 goals and potential new features.  Approximately 1 hour, 40 minutes.

For more information about online collaboration tools available to Virginia Tech students, faculty, and staff, read this 4Help Knowledge Base article. For technology support or computer questions, contact 4Help at or by calling 540-231-4357.