From: Division of Information Technology

With many Virginia Tech employees working remotely for the time being, use of online chat tools such as Microsoft Teams, Google Hangouts, and Slack has increased. 

These applications are useful when meeting in person isn’t possible, allowing us to easily converse with colleagues throughout the day and participate in group discussions devoted to specific projects or interests — but are all those notifications really necessary?

If frequent (or after hours) notifications from chat applications are disrupting your workflow or your life — or if you want to make sure they don’t — read this article from Virginia Tech 4Help. It explains how to set your status and availability in Microsoft Teams, Google Hangouts, and Slack. With these settings, you can control when and how you receive notifications and set your status to let others know your availability.

It takes just a few minutes to learn how to configure your status and availability settings, and this simple step can help your chat applications become a more effective part of your work and private life. 

For assistance with your technology needs, contact 4Help at or by phone at 540-231-4357.