From: Division of Information Technology

The Google Meet video conferencing tool is now available for Virginia Tech students, faculty, staff, and alumni through their Gmail accounts. 

Google Meet allows you to start and join meetings directly from your Gmail account, using your computer’s video and audio, or by phone. Google added this free option to G Suite for Education on April 30, 2020.

To use Google Meet, log into your Virginia Tech Gmail account using your VT Username (PID) and passphrase. You will see the “Meet” window just above the “Chat” window in your Gmail home page. To begin, click the “Start a meeting” option. A new window will pop up, allowing you to invite participants via email. You will also be issued a meeting code that you can send to prospective participants via email or chat. To join, click the “Join a meeting” option, and enter the code you received from the meeting host.

screenshot of a gmail account, magnifying Google Meet features
Google Meet is a new video conferencing option accessible through your Virginia Tech Gmail account.

While Zoom remains the primary video conferencing tool for online teaching, learning, and meetings at Virginia Tech, Google Meet provides an easy-to-use alternative for connecting with colleagues, classmates, family, and friends. 

To learn more about Google Meet, go to this guide on Google’s support site. For questions or help using Google Meet at Virginia Tech or for other technology support needs, please submit a help ticket at, or call 4Help at 540-231-4357.