When using the Virginia Tech Remote Access Virtual Private Network (VPN) service, users should select ‘connect to VT Traffic over SSL VPN’ whenever possible. This improves internet performance for the user and leaves campus resources available for others who need them. Users should also keep in mind that connecting via VPN is not needed to access Canvas, Zoom, library services, or the email and collaboration tools in Office or G Suite.

The university has increased the capacity of the VPN to meet increased demands for remote working, however, capacity is not unlimited. The VPN makes it possible for users to access applications that are only available through a Virginia Tech IP address.

To access library resources, users should start on the library website to access materials, or configure Google Scholar to link to library subscriptions to automatically get authenticated using the standard VT login. The VPN is not needed for this, and in fact will prevent you from being able to access these resources.

Pulse Secure Menu connecting to VT Traffic option

For additional information, review the 4Help article titled Information about Remote Access VPN Service at Virginia Tech, or contact 4Help online at 4Help.vt.edu, or by phone at 540-231-4357.