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IT policy revisions clarify reporting; simplify procedures

From: Division of Information Technology

The Division of Information Technology and the Vice President for Policy and Governance have updated two important policies applicable to the use of university computing resources, networks, and services. An overview of the changes is provided below. 

Policy 7000 “Acceptable Use and Administration of Computer and Communication Systems” was updated to clarify the procedure for reporting violations of this policy. Suspected violations of the policy may be reported to the Division of IT via email; a support ticket will then be generated for follow up and further action, as warranted. Of particular importance for university departments, the policy now includes this statement regarding guests: Units that grant guest access to information technology resources must make their guests aware of these acceptable use requirements. The university accepts no responsibility or liability for any personal or unauthorized use of its resources by guests. Finally, this update added a contextual definition of the term “misuse” and cited additional regulations related to bulk email and faxing.

These updates are also now included on the associated standard, “Acceptable Use of Information Systems at Virginia Tech” posted at

Policy 7010 “Securing Technology Resources and Services” underwent updates to simplify the Procedures section in accordance with Division of IT security standards (posted here; see "Standard for Securing Web Technology Resources" and the "Minimum Security Standard"), and to update references and website details.

The Division of Information Technology works continually to ensure that policies, standards, and guidelines are relevant and up to date in the dynamic environment of technology and to facilitate compliance with all applicable regulations. If you have questions related to these changes, please contact Executive Director of IT Policy & Strategic Engagement, Brenda van Gelder at