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Temporary options for sharing Zoom recordings and course videos

From: Division of Information Technology

Over the past two years, Technology-enhanced Learning and Online Strategies (TLOS) has worked to integrate the most stable cloud-based platforms available to support video for instruction. Virginia Tech’s video content management system, Kaltura, is a best-of-class tool that has enabled the use of video content in ways that were out of reach a few short years ago. Unfortunately, Kaltura experienced significant performance issues during the first weeks of this semester. Although performance has improved this week, there is still a large backlog of videos to process. For this reason, TLOS recommends two temporary solutions for situations where videos are needed immediately:

  • For recorded Zoom meetings
    Links to recorded class sessions or meetings can be shared directly, eliminating any waiting time associated with Kaltura processing. This approach may be helpful when recordings need to be shared soon after a class session or meeting ends. Hosts should select Zoom’s “cloud recording” option, which will send the host or organizer of the session an email notification when a recording is ready to share. The recording URL can then be shared in Canvas, email, or another private messaging platform. Additional instructions for sharing recordings can be found on Zoom’s website. To help users, the retention time for video storage in Zoom has been increased to 120 days, ensuring that recordings will be available through finals week. (Zoom recordings will continue to be automatically archived in Kaltura for longer-term use.)
  • For other videos
    For users experiencing difficulties uploading pre-recorded lectures or promotional videos into Kaltura, Google Drive can provide a viable short-term alternative. Any videos stored in Google Drive can be shared with students or other members of the Virginia Tech community inside a Canvas site or via email, provided that the appropriate “Viewer” permissions have been granted. Instructions for sharing files from Google Drive can be found on Google’s support site.

For both of these scenarios, Kaltura continues to be the long-term storage solution for video content at Virginia Tech.

TLOS is closely monitoring Kaltura’s performance in order to address new issues if they arise. Users that encounter problems with any digital learning platform are asked to submit a support request through 4Help or schedule a one-on-one consultation with a TLOS employee to address specific situations.