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Zoom meetings will continue to default to use waiting rooms for fall semester

From: Division of Information Technology

Zoom has postponed the previously announced Sept. 27 security setting changes that would have required hosts to choose between a waiting room or a passcode for their meetings. Zoom delayed this change to minimize disruption to scheduled meetings. Later this fall, Zoom will provide revised security setting options designed to help customers balance security and usability. In the meantime, for all Virginia Tech Zoom meetings, waiting rooms will continue to be enabled by default, including for previously scheduled meetings.

Hosts can control who is admitted to a Zoom meeting by using a waiting room or passcode, or by limiting participation to authenticated users.

  • Waiting rooms hold participants outside of the meeting until the host or designated co-host allows them to join.
  • Meeting passcodes (formerly called passwords) can be manually added to meetings. When a passcode is added to an already scheduled meeting, calendar invites must be updated to include the new link.
  • Authenticated user settings allow the host to limit participation to signed-in Zoom users from specific domains, for example,

For more information, review the best practices for securing Zoom meetings and the 4Help Knowledge Base. Additional guidance is available from Zoom.

Technology-enhanced Learning and Online Strategies, a unit of the Division of Information Technology, is the service provider for Zoom at Virginia Tech. For assistance with Zoom settings, contact