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Undergraduate students asked to participate in Student Technology Survey 2018

February 13, 2018

From: Division of Information Technology

Dear Virginia Tech Undergraduate Student:

We are asking all undergraduate students to participate in a survey that will help us learn how to provide you with better information about technology services at Virginia Tech. This survey is part of a national research study run by the EDUCAUSE Center for Applied Research (ECAR) to help higher education as a whole understand the technology, experiences, needs, and expectations of academic community members and stakeholders for the purpose of helping higher education IT professionals and decision makers use IT to advance the institution.

The primary benefit of participating in this study is that Virginia Tech will receive information about how our student community views and uses technology, and this information can help inform decisions about instructional practices and technology support. This information can help our IT programs and services evaluate student technology experiences and expectations.

Your participation in the study is voluntary, and your responses will be completely confidential. You must be 18 or older to participate, and the web-based survey will take around 15 minutes to complete.

Please go here to complete the survey:

Dissemination plans beyond the traditional EDUCAUSE systems ( will include:

1.                   Sharing preliminary results with ECAR premium subscribers

2.                   Posting a research hub on the EDUCAUSE website and announcing the publication of the 2018 studies

3.                   Hosting an E-Live! webinar to share final results

4.                   Presenting the results at the 2018 EDUCAUSE Annual Conference and at least one national non-EDUCAUSE conference, such as the AIR Forum

If you have any questions or problems, contact Angela Correa-Becker ( or Should you have any questions or concerns about the study’s conduct or your rights as a research subject, or need to report a research-related injury or event, you may contact the Virginia Tech Institutional Review Board at or (540) 231-3732.

Thank you very much for your participation!