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Individuals needed for VTTI transportation study

From: The Virginia Tech Transportation Institute 

The Virginia Tech Transportation Institute (VTTI) is recruiting individuals aged 18-55 to participate in a research study during the daytime at the Virginia Smart Roads facility. The study involves participating in one session lasting approximately two hours.

The purpose of the study is to evaluate the visibility of lights on an automated vehicle to sidewalk users or pedestrians off the shoulder of the roadway and to other drivers in common traffic scenarios. Participants will be asked to perform two tasks: one as a pedestrian and one as a front seat passenger in a research vehicle.

Participants will be asked to identify safe times to use a crosswalk. However, no volunteers will be asked to cross any streets themselves. A trained experimenter will be present throughout the entire session and all vehicles in the scenarios will operate at low speeds on the institute’s closed-to-the-public urban test track.

This project provides compensation of $60 for full participation.

Please contact us at: 540-231-3589 or

Reference “the Alice Study” in your message.

All inquiries welcome.

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