University Libraries reminds departments to submit official publications for university’s historical record

From: University Libraries

The University Libraries asks all colleges, departments, centers and other programs to send official publications to the Library to include in Virginia Tech’s historical record and to make them publicly available.

This request is based on the Virginia Tech Policy 10000. This policy is intended to preserve the many publications of Virginia Tech for the historical record and to make them available to meet frequent demands.

Frequently, the University Libraries fulfills document requests from local researchers, other institutions, and university departments and centers. Often these requests come from the authoring agencies themselves.

Only publications that were printed for distribution, not digital-only publications, are requested.

Examples of requested publications include technical reports, working papers, magazines, newsletters, conference proceedings, research publications, handbooks, promotional materials, and exhibit catalogs. Please see the policy for more information about applicable publications.

Please send two copies of the publications to:

Ladd Brown

Head of Acquisitions

Newman Library

560 Drillfield Drive




Contact Ladd Brown at or Leslie O’Brien at