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Packages and freight direct delivery to departments will resume Aug. 3

From: Mail Services

Since campus operations were adjusted in March due to the COVID-19 emergency, Virginia Tech Mail Services took on the task of receiving and delivering packages to university departments. This process will change as the university enters Phase 3 of its recovery plan.

Effective Aug. 3, 2020, all departmental packages and freight will resume being delivered directly to departments by the package delivery vendors (including UPS, FedEx, and DHL).  Mail Services will resume daily delivery of post office and interoffice mail to open offices at that time. Outgoing departmental mail will continue to be picked up in the offices on delivery days or may be dropped off for processing at the front of 1425 South Main Street in Blacksburg.

All hazardous materials intended for use in labs and research should not be delivered to the EHS Hazardous Materials lab after July 31, 2020, but delivered directly to the labs or research office.

Notice of this change will be given to the package delivery vendors. Mail Services will continue to operate and manage the distribution of all incoming mail and packages providing delivery two days a week to our academic, research, and administrative units through the end of July 31, 2020.

For questions, please contact Mail Services at or call 540-231-4085.