Hokie Wellness to offer Koru Mindfulness program for employees and students

From: Hokie Wellness

Interested in improving sleep, decreasing stress, and increasing self-compassion?

The Koru Mindfulness program introduces the practice of mindfulness and several skills, including meditation, for managing stress and enriching your life. Mindfulness is about developing the ability to be fully attentive to all the moments of your life, reducing the amount of time you spend worrying about the future or fretting about the past.

The four-session program will be held on a number of different dates in the Graduate Life Center, McComas Hall, and the North End Center. The first program this semester begins Sept. 18 until Oct. 8. For additional information, and to register, visit the Koru Mindfulness and Meditation web page.

For more information, contact Hokie Wellness at hokiewellness@vt.edu or by calling 540-231-8878 (employees) or 540-231-2231 (students).