Search committee charge workshop now available online

From: The Office for Equity and Accessibility

In collaboration with Technology-enhanced Learning and Online Strategies (TLOS), the Affirmative Action unit within the Office for Equity and Accessibility (OEA) is excited to announce the search committee charge workshop is now available online.

Previously, employees were required to attend a 90-minute workshop only available twice a month in-person and via Zoom. Now, an interactive multimedia module is available for individuals to complete their training on their own time and in a place of their choosing. In addition, the training is approximately 60 minutes long and can be completed in increments. Users will be able to complete a portion of the workshop and resume the rest in another sitting that is convenient to their schedule. In addition, users can also review important points upon the completion of each module, which helps enhance their ability to recall and apply the information later.

The module was created via a joint venture between OEA and the instructional design team from TLOS: Learning Experience Design. TLOS: Accessible Technologies helped ensure the module was appropriately accessible for all users, and several stakeholders subjected the module to rigorous usability testing prior to release. The module was designed through the TLOS Professional Development Network and will have the same navigation efforts used in Virginia Tech’s academic version of Canvas.

The search committee charge workshop is required for Virginia Tech employees to complete when they participate in a search process. In order to participate in an employment search process, all committee members must complete the training or have completed the training within the last two years. 

The workshop provides employees with an overview of the university's search and selection process; information on complying with university and federal equal opportunity and affirmative action policies and regulations; and how to manage a fair and equitable search process for selecting the best-qualified candidate.

Registration is required through CourseWhere by selecting "view by alpha" and then searching for "Search Committee Charge Workshop On-Demand". The workshop will continue to be offered in-person/Zoom for employees who prefer a live training.

For more information or questions, contact Melissa Thomas at 540-231-5368. More information will be available on the Affirmative Action website.