From: Virginia Tech Parking and Transportation

Parking Services has implemented two notable procedural changes that will help improve the customer service experience for members of the university community as well as operational efficiency for both customers and the department.

Payment of citation after appeals

Permit holders are now able to delay the payment of citations until a first-level administrative appeal, rather than requiring all citations be paid before the citation is appealed, through the formal Parking Appeals Hearing Committee.

If a person wishes to appeal a parking or bicycle citation, the procedure below will be followed.

1. All appeals must be filed within 10 calendar days of citation issuance. All rights to appeal a citation are waived after this 10-day period. Failure to formally appeal or pay a citation negates any right to further address the violation.

2. The appeal must be made online or in writing on an official appeals form available in the Office of Parking and Transportation. This is necessary to ensure Parking and Transportation has all the necessary information to process the appeal and satisfy audit procedures. Please make sure the address and phone numbers you list are complete, accurate, and legible. The Office of Parking and Transportation cannot be responsible if you fail to receive your appeal notice under these circumstances. Remember to notify Office of Parking and Transportation of any address changes.

3. The issue of an appeal is whether or not the cited rule was violated. It is no excuse to “not mean” to violate a rule, to “see others” violate it, to “not realize” it was violated, or to have “violated it in the past without penalty.”

4. All appeals should be finalized by the last day of classes. The initial appeal must be submitted within 10 days of citation issuance, however requests for second appeals for citations issued within 10 calendar days of the last day of classes or during exams will likely be appealed during the following semester.

5. If you disagree with the decision made on your appeal, you may request that your appeal be reviewed by the Appeals Hearing Committee. Tickets must be paid in full before being placed in second appeals. If after review the ticket is overturned, a refund will be mailed to the appellant. If a check is returned for insufficient funds, or the charge is disputed with your bank, the appeal will be considered null and void and a $50 fee will be assessed. The second appeal must be requested within 10 days of the postmark date on the first appeal. For your second appeal, you may appear in person before the Appeals Hearing Committee or you may have a written statement (usually the first appeal) read by the committee during the appeals hearing meeting. The decision of the committee is final.

Warnings, rather than immediate citations, for failing to display hangtag

This procedure change applies to permit holders who park where they are supposed to park, yet forget to properly display a hangtag while on campus. The new rule will allow permit holders three citation warnings annually for failing to display their hangtag.

It is essential that all permit holders keep their vehicles up-to-date in Parking Services’ online portal so parking enforcement officers can quickly identify the vehicle and match it to its appropriate parking lots.

Please view the Parking and Traffic Operational Manual for more details around the procedures.

Feel free to direct questions to Parking Services at or 540-231-3200.