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The Virginia Tech Alternative Transportation Department is reminding the campus community of the following important safety and operational reminders below when operating an e-scooter.

Safety event and free helmets
Alternative Transportation and Spin will be hosting a scooter safety event on Nov. 7 from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. outside McBryde Hall. There will be helmet giveaways and informational materials from Heads Up Hokies and Spin given out.

Fall and early winter riding
Slippery streets, sidewalks, and paths are common this time of year with more rain and wet leaves. Always slow down and use caution while traversing slippery paths and puddles.

E-scooter riders should dismount in heavy traffic. Do not attempt to ride through a crowd on the e-scooter. Always dismount and yield to pedestrians in crosswalks.

Heads Up Hokies: Stay visible and alert
Always stay alert and use hand signals when turning. Don’t assume drivers and pedestrians can always see you or know which way you’re headed. Ride cautiously. When parking your scooter stop and look around. Are you next to a bike rack? Are you off a sidewalk or pathway?

biking hand signals

All e-scooter riders should wear a helmet. If you don’t have one, the Hokie Bike Hub, located on the ground floor of the Perry Street Parking Garage, continues to give away helmets for free.

Residence halls, academic buildings
E-scooter riders are prohibited from riding inside all Virginia Tech buildings.

Tandem riding
More than one person riding on an e-scooter is prohibited.

E-scooters must be parked within 5-feet of a bike rack on campus or within a designated scooter parking area. E-scooters should not be left on pathways or sidewalks.

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