From: Virginia Tech Police

Virginia Tech Police is sharing tips for avoiding counterfeit ticket scams – and what to do if you think you may be victim to a ticket scam.

Purchase tickets from official ticketing partners

Use caution when purchasing tickets from online vendors. Fans seeking ticket options for Virginia Tech football games are encouraged to visit, the official ticketing partner of Virginia Tech Athletics, to purchase tickets.

Consider doing the ticket transaction at a local police station for an added layer of security

If you do purchase tickets from a non-official ticketing vendor, Virginia Tech Police has designated the visitor parking spaces outside the Public Safety Building at 330 Sterrett Drive as a transaction-zone for purchasing tickets for home games. Many local law enforcement agencies also have designated online transaction areas in their parking lots.  While the police department cannot be responsible for the transaction, the proximity to law enforcement may deter fraudulent activity. If this is not an option, document seller information and verify it when you meet face to face.  Select a public location for any meeting to discourage theft or robbery. Do not go alone.

Examine your tickets closely for irregularities and take extra steps to verify tickets

Counterfeit tickets’ may have lighter paper, irregular ink, borders, or spacing, or misspelling. Original owners may have invoices to show that they actually purchased the tickets. Request to see the invoice. If you purchase a ticket at the venue from an unknown source, see if they will accompany you to the gate so you can gain entry through security while the seller is still in sight. Purchasers could also take a photo of the ticket seller for added validation. If the seller refuses to allow their picture to be taken, consider not purchasing the tickets.

If you think you may have purchased counterfeit tickets, contact your local law enforcement agency to file police report, contact your credit card company, and submit a complaint with the ticket transaction site

At Virginia Tech, a police report can be submitted online here or via phone at 540-382-4343.

Don't post your tickets on social media before the game

Posting photos of tickets online could open up your tickets to fraud and copying.

The Virginia Tech Police Department encourages everyone to remain vigilant and safe to ensure they have an enjoyable time this weekend.