Conflict of interest rules apply to the purchase of goods and services

From: Procurement

The Commonwealth’s State and Local Government Conflict of Interests Act applies to all employees of the University regardless of position and outlines the acceptable practices of doing business with related parties and avoidance of receiving gifts in exchange for business.

Several key components of this law and related university policies are:

  • The purchase of goods and services by the university from a business or entity owned by an employee of the university, or by a member of the employee’s immediate family, is a prohibited conflict of interest under state law.   The conflict exists even if the purchase is being made by a department/unit other than the employee’s home department. A business owned by an employee’s spouse or immediate family member is barred from doing business with Virginia Tech to prevent any perception of inappropriate favoritism. Single one-time purchases valued less than $500.00 are exempt from this requirement.
  • Employees shall not solicit nor accept gifts from vendors, bidders, offerors, contractors, or subcontractors. Giveaways at trade fairs or conferences which are available to all participants are acceptable.
  • The responsibility for adhering to the law regarding conflict of interest rests solely on the employee.  

An employee of Virginia Tech with any responsibility relating to the purchase or payment for goods and services on behalf of the University is expected to understand the law relating to conflict of interests. An employee with an immediate family member who owns a business is responsible for understanding the laws relating to a potential conflict of interest. 

Below are links to the Conflict of Interest Act and a listing of relevant university policies relating to conflict of interests:

State and Local Government Conflict of Interests Act

University Policy 13010, Individual Conflicts of Interest and Commitment

University Policy 12115, Reporting Gifts-in-Kind to the University

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