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University policy updates recap: January - March 2021

From: Office of the Vice President for Policy and Governance

The following university policies were updated between January and March 2021. Both substantive and technical updates are included below. Please read on to learn more.

Human Resources

Updates to Policy No. 4305 and No. 4325 were shared with the university community in early 2021.

Policy on Compensation During Authorized Closings - No. 4305: The university identified three employee types and updated policies around how compensatory time is allotted during an authorized closing:

  • "Emergency personnel” are employees who are required to report to work during an authorized closing and will continue to receive compensatory leave.
  • "Non-emergency personnel” are employees who typically perform their duties at the employer’s central workplace. During an authorized closing event, these employees are not required to work if their workplace is closed; they will continue to receive compensatory leave during an authorized closing.
  • “Non-emergency personnel who telework on authorized telework arrangements” are expected to continue working remotely, following their normal schedule, during an authorized closing and will not receive compensatory leave.

Alternate Work Site and Telework Policy - No. 4325: The policy language was updated to better define employees who telework during authorized closings. The definition of telework was clarified by removing the limits around days and hours that an employee can telework that were included in the previous policy.

Voluntary Transitional Retirement Program for Tenured Faculty - No. 4410: The policy was modified to incorporate additional program options, clarify the process for reimbursement of medical

expenses to age 65, and to adjust the program option names to reflect program elements more clearly.

For questions about these policy changes, please contact your college or department HR representative.

Campus grounds and infrastructure

Authorized Closings Policy - No. 5600: Modifications included a technical update to reflect alignment with Policy No. 4305 regarding telework employees.


Academic Programs: Creation, Discontinuance and Delivery Site - No. 6500: Updates include information around distance delivery of academic programs. The policy provides new details and clarification updates to the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges (SACSCOC) substantive change policy; specifically, related to the discontinuance of degree programs, notification of any addition of instructional method to any program, deadlines for notifications, and campus leaders authorized to notify SACSCOC of substantive program changes.

Communication and Advancement

Virginia Tech News Daily E-Mail Policy - No. 12200: The policy was updated to incorporate the student edition email, remove access (other than email) to publications, and include technical updates to links within the policy.

Accepting Gifts of Building Materials - No. 12105 | Accepting and Reporting Gifts-in-Kind - No. 12115: Technical changes to departmental names, associated links, and clarifying language were updated within the two policies.


Maintenance of Internal Controls - No. 3010 | Fiscal Responsibility - No. 3100: Updates to links and department names due to departmental changes were included in both policies.


Cost Transfers on Sponsored Projects - No. 3255: The policy was updated to strengthen language indicating that all costs charged to a sponsored project must comply with Policy No. 3240, Costing Principles for Sponsored Projects, and identify transactions that are not considered a cost transfer. The policy authorizes departments to transfer salaries and wages within 90 days of the original posting date. It also authorizes departments to transfer operating expenses within 90 days of the original posting date. Instead of reviewing every journal entry to transfer operating expenses on or off a sponsored project, the Office of Sponsored Programs (OSP) will only review journal entries involving transfers equal to or greater than $2,000. OSP will conduct risk-based post-audit reviews on cost transfers below $2,000.

Policy on Intellectual Property - No. 13000: The policy was updated to provide additional language in 2.3.A. #8 regarding licensing and processing for open access deposit of the accepted manuscript of Virginia Tech authors’ scholarly articles in the university’s institutional repository, and for Virginia Tech authors to be able to post such accepted manuscripts elsewhere. The updates also added references to related Policy No. 13015, Ownership and Control of Research Results. This revision is not retroactive.

Policy questions may be directed here. All university policies as well as Presidential Policy Memorandums are available on the Policy site

Policy questions may be directed here.

As a reminder, the most recent updates to a posted policy can be found at the end of that policy under “Approvals and Revisions.”