Revised university policies announced by the Office of the Vice President for Policy and Governance

From: The Office of the Vice President for Policy and Governance

The Office of the Vice President for Policy and Governance oversees an enterprise-wide policy management program that supports Virginia Tech and its missions and is the official repository for all university policies, as well as administers the university’s system of shared governance and provides strategic guidance and direct support to the Board of Visitors. The office uses Virginia Tech News as one means of communicating information about the creation or revision of university policies to the university community. 

Following is a list of policies created or revised since the beginning of fall semester:

Policy on Smoking - No. 1010

Policy on Serving Alcohol - No. 1015

Policy on Harassment, Discrimination, and Sexual Assault - No. 1025

Maintenance of Internal Controls - No. 3010

University Contract Signature Policy and Procedures - No. 3015

Centers Financial and Administrative Policy and Procedures - No. 3020

Charter for the University’s Internal Audit Function - No. 3350

Transfer of Equipment Between Domestic Institutions - No. 3951

Recruitment and Selection of Staff, Wage, and Temporary Positions - No. 4000

Policies Governing University Staff - No. 4010

Academic-Year Staff Appointment Guidelines – No. 4040

Hours of Work for University and Classified Staff - No. 4300

Guidelines for the Fair Labor Standards Act - No. 4320

Employee Awards and Recognition Programs - No. 4335

Leave Sharing Guidelines - No. 4340

Employee Assistance Program - No. 4345

Bicycle and Personal Transportation Devices - No. 5005

Authorized Closings Policy - No. 5600

University Safety and Security - No. 5615

Safety and Security Camera Acceptable Use Policy - No. 5617

Operation of Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) - No. 5820

Management of Graduate Assistantships and Tuition Remission – No. 6210

Safeguarding Nonpublic Customer Information - No. 7025

Privacy Policy for Employees’ Electronic Communications - No. 7035

Administrative Data Management and Access Policy - No. 7100

Centers and University Institutes: Establishment, Governance and Programmatic Oversight - No. 13005

Virginia Tech Recombinant DNA and Biohazard Research Policy - No. 13030

Virginia Tech Dual Use Research of Concern Policy - No. 13050