From: Virginia Tech Transportation Institute

The Virginia Tech Transportation Institute is seeking drivers who have experience towing a trailer using a pickup truck, SUV, or van to participate in a research study during daytime hours. Drivers with all levels of experience are needed, including:

·      those who are new to towing,

·      those who tow infrequently, and

·      those who tow frequently.

Participants must be 30-45 or 55-70 years old and have valid U.S. driver’s licenses.

Each participant will drive a research vehicle coupled to an enclosed cargo trailer on public roads and on the Smart Road at the Virginia Tech Transportation Institute. Total participation time consists of two visits scheduled on separate days, each lasting approximately 3-3.5 hours. This project pays a total of $220 for full participation in both sessions.

For more information, contact 540-231-0988 or and reference “the Goose Project.”