Hokies celebrated Halloween this week, including members of the Corps of Cadets (pictured above) who dress up each year for their Halloween Formation, and students who dressed up in the dining halls.

Here's a look at the Hokie Halloween celebration.

A cadet dressed up for Halloween with a pumpkin head and black outfit and sword.
A cadet dresses up for Halloween.
A young women dressed up as Alice in Wonderland for Halloween
Alice in Wonderland makes an appearance for Halloween.
Members of the Corps of Cadets dress up as dinosaurs for a special Halloween formation
Every Halloween, the Virginia Tech Corps of Cadets has a special evening formation in which all the cadets come in costume.
A student dressed up in a blue wig and costume for Halloween
A student dresses up for Halloween.
Cadets dressed in leather jackets and jeans as part of a special Halloween formation
Cadets come to a special evening formation in costume.
Cadets wearing black jackets and scary masks at the Halloween formation
Cadets wear masks during a Halloween formation.
A student dressed in a scary costume serves food at a dining hall
A spooky Halloween character fills up on food.