April 30 marked the sixth annual ICAT Creativity and Innovation Day. The day celebrates the nexus of science, engineering, arts, and design. Exhibitors from all over campus and across the state displayed their projects at the Moss Arts Center.

The theme of the 2018 ICAT Creativity and Innovation Day was Trace, as in to find or discover by investigation, to take a particular path or route, an indication of the existence of something, palimpsest, and a small road.

Student holds equipment for volcano project
Students from the Department of Geosciences demonstrate their project, a model that addresses volcanic and tectonic processes.
Woman plays drum at ICAT festival
Katie Biddle engages with the audience at the ICAT Creativity and Innovation Day panel.
Awards for science fair on display
Anyone who attended ICAT Creativity and Innovation Day got to vote for their favorite projects. A Virginia Tech student 3-D printed the awards and mounted them on wood.
Design project of eye that moves
Students and faculty from ICAT and the School of Visual Arts made a projection-mapping project that utilizes motion tracking. It uses an Xbox Kinect to drive a 3D generated eye that follows movement.
A harp that harvests fog water
Fog Harp is a novel lab-tested design that extracts WHO-certified clean drinking water from moving fog.
Panel of women sitting on stage
ICAT Creativity and Innovation Day started off with a panel including (from left to right), moderator Kari Zacharias, Robin Queen, Katie Biddle, and Nicole Abaid.